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Do Birds Flying Into A Home Equate To Death?

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 28 Nov 2020 | comments*Discuss
Do Birds Flying Into A Home Equate To Death?

Birds have long thought to be associated with otherworldly powers - not other planetary but other worldly, as in the spirit world. Their ability to fly far and high in ages gone by gave them a mystical quality that many looked to for signs and portents, and one of the most common 'bird omen wives tale' was that if a bird flew into your house through an opened door or window, death was not far behind.

The Bird Omen Wives Tale

In a home lies a sickly person, with family members standing vigil nearby. The health of the ill is in question and everyone is concerned that things could take a turn for the worse. A sudden rapping at the window of the sick room causes a start and those in the room turn to see a black crow sitting on the sill, tap, tap, tapping at the glass. Its insistence is unnerving - what does it want? Eventually the crow flies off, but not before leaving the concerned family members with a chilling superstition that their loved one is doomed to die.

The variations on this theme are many, but all fairly consistent; a bird tries or succeeds to get into a home, and this is considered a sign of imminent death. In some versions the bird strikes the window in flight (sometimes getting up and doing it again) or lands on the sill and strikes the window with its beak. Other versions have the bird enter the home through an open window or door. Should a bird get access to the interior of a home with no visible means of entry, the superstition is that it is equivocal to an intruder alarm tuned to sense death itself going off.

The Origin of the Bird Omen Wives Tale

There is no one source of the 'bird flying into house equals death' wives' tale, but it is a common enough superstition nonetheless. In days gone by people were prone to look for many superstitious or mystical answers to every day questions, and some questions that were not so run of the mill (such as “why must my loved one die?”). When something out of the ordinary happened people were quick to ascribe to it some mystical significance, whether or not there was a logical, natural explanation to it.

Any time a bird flies into a house it certainly is an unusual experience. Birds, being creatures of the outdoors and mainly shy of man to boot, do not typically try to get inside a dwelling. Some may get confused, thanks to an expertly cleaned glass window and give itself a braining on a house. Others may land on a handy window ledge and peck at its own reflection out of curiosity. As for a bird flying in through an open window, taking a break on a chair back, and then leaving, who knows? But it certainly is behaviour convenient to attach a sense of a message being delivered.

No Birds In My House!

The idea of birds being associated with death is very strong in some people, to the point that they won’t have decorations of birds in their home. One famous report has actress Lucile Ball tearing wallpaper out of a new home because she discovered little birds in the pattern that she didn’t notice before.

Carrying on with the bird theme why not take a look at our superstitious article about Saluting Magpies.

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So about a year ago I had two baby bird get in my room through the ceiling. I was in a shelter and the birds popped a whole in the ceiling and got in my room. I moved out of that shelter into my own home. Now I’ve been living in my apartment for almost a year now and yesterday on Thanksgiving a bat was flying around my house ? What could this mean?
Sheena - 28-Nov-20 @ 1:09 AM
Ive had a woidpecker. Pecking at my bedroom window. A few times in last couple wks. Then while i was camping an my boyfrd an my best frd were out boating i woke up to a bird in the camper on tuesSo opened door an it went out. An came home an woke up to a bird in my house on thursday an opened door an it went out. What does it all mean????
Yvonne - 3-Jul-20 @ 12:49 AM
6 years ago, I was visiting my mon & grandma at my mom's house. While there, a bird flew into my mom's back door, thru the house, out the front door. My mom, my grandma, & myself instantly became terrified bc for the last few months, my dad had been in & out if the hospital, in ICU, even on Life Support twice. Instantly the 3 of us had the same thought: we're going to lose my Dad soon. HOWEVER- less than a week later, my GRANDMA suffered a brain aneurysm & ultimately passed a week after that. THEN-... My parents live 2 houses down from me. My mother moved my uncle in with them to take care of him bc of his health.Less than 2 weeks ago, a bird flew into my bathroom window, thru my house & out one of the side doors. I immediately told my mom & of course, we both knew it wasnt a good sign, most likely for my uncle, but given past experience, it could have been any one of us.My uncle passed on Halloween night, almost a week after the bird visited my house. These are just my own 2 personal experiences. My brother has also had this happen with another of our uncles.A friend of mine had 2 birds fly into her home within a couple of days, & she list her grandmother & best friend within a week of each other. The time span between the visits from the birds & the actual loss/death seems to be pretty much the same amount of time. 5-7 days.
mdg85 - 3-Nov-19 @ 7:14 PM
After work and picking up my daughter frm school we get home to a lil grey bird in the house just flying around he must have got in through the dryer vent i have not put a hose on it yet not sure what the meaning of it being in my home means but it flew into my room them by my back door so i opened the door and it flew out
Jlove - 1-Nov-19 @ 9:38 PM
Two small birds flew inside my house this morning through roof openings, and flew out again when my son screamed they inside. What could be the reason ? Please elaborate.
Dolce - 31-Aug-19 @ 6:55 AM
I have these doves, the grey ones,flying into my bedroom almost every morning and cooing. When I run them out, they are outside cooing all the time.What message are they bringing?
Sandy - 2-Jul-19 @ 9:36 PM
a bird flew in my home a few years back my boyfriend at the time started freaking out demanding that I had to kill it it was a bad omen and signifies a death in the family I told him he was crazy she got on the phone and called his dad and he showed up within 5 minutes and killed the bird I immediately said that he was insane I'm 5 minutes after that a hummingbird got inside again he started panicking but this time I would not let him kill it and guided it out of the house with hummingbird nectar I grabbed my daughter who was one at the time and went out to the back to tell my mom what craziness I just witnessed when she turned around as she was watering the garden her leg crumbled as she walks right before my eyes she broke her tibia and fibia by simply walking and was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance on the way there she coded for a minute and a half a few months later I ended up dying giving birth to what would have been my son and the baby didn't make it I was 28 weeks along and it was sudden was no warning signs whether it's Associated or not I will never discredit any of that man superstitions ever again and kill any bird ever gets in my house still to this day
Ala - 23-Jun-19 @ 8:12 PM
Ok yesterday a bird flew in the house now this morning a new day the same bird back in the house somebody please explain to me what does this mean
Marie - 23-Jun-19 @ 4:41 PM
Hi . So today I left the back door open at 7:22 am and the screen on the door is half gone on the doors windowI left that room to watch TV for just a moment. Then I went back in the kitchen to close the door and I seen a pifict black feather on my kitchen table. Does that mean anything???
Joeleen - 20-Jun-19 @ 2:25 PM
A bird flew in two my motel room it was weird come from window. Above door and friend. Caught it and sent it on way
Norwood - 10-Jun-19 @ 8:34 PM
A browish lightly reddish Bird flu in my house through the kitchen door and was flying around and landed on dresser in the living room I had to shoosh it out with a broom showing its way back out what does that mean
Ruby - 22-May-19 @ 9:44 AM
Bird flew in our house we are remodeling we hadn’t been there for a week we got there noticed ceiling particles on wood floor under skylight and bird crap in living room then again in kitchen and in game room then found the bird dead in our bedroom next to my side of the bed what does this mean
Turtle - 16-May-19 @ 1:52 PM
I've had a swallow at the window all morning. It was cute at first. A little annoying and unnerving away this point. I've decided it wants to make me dress but needs to gather more friends ??
Jess - 4-May-19 @ 2:41 PM
Today, a bird enters in our house and suddenly bumb against the transparent door and died on the spot. What does that mean.Please help
Payal - 13-Apr-19 @ 11:20 AM
One week ago pigeons flew through my door and one flew upstairs into my bedroom and the other into our laundry room. I chased them both out of the house leaving the door open.Today which is one week later another pigeon flew into my house and upstairs into my bedroom. Both times I found the pigeons sitting on my bed. I have been told that if a black bird flies into your home it is a sign of death. I know pigeons are messengers and I just recently lost my daughter. I have had artificial butterflies land at my feet and I have seen feathers at my door. Does this mean that she may be trying to communicate with me or give me a message? Spiritually I need answers is this is alarming to me.
Val - 12-Apr-19 @ 2:35 AM
What does it mean when a robin tries to get in the house? For the last week it’s been hitting the screen door in front an back and also the window.
Wawa - 27-Mar-19 @ 2:44 PM
I have had two deaths in less then a month. My best friend of twenty years she was also my roommate. Then anoth r r good friend died. I went to his funeral yesterday. Today I was adv keeping in the bed room and was awakened by a big black bird dying around the bed room. I t is still hiding in the kitchen. I have heard death comes in 3 am I or a loved one in danger? This is urgent as I. Am seriously upset by this. Thank you Please if you could advise me. I know this is not this forum but I am desparate
Kriss - 7-Mar-19 @ 6:09 PM
I have had two deaths in less then a month. My best friend of twenty years she was also my roommate. Then anoth r r good friend died. I went to his funeral yesterday. Today I was adv keeping in the bed room and was awakened by a big black bird dying around the bed room. I t is still hiding in the kitchen. I have heard death comes in 3 am I or a loved one in danger? This is urgent as I. Am seriously upset by this. Thank you
Kriss - 7-Mar-19 @ 6:07 PM
Hi.... What does it mean when brown bird flew in the house?
Dee dee - 6-Mar-19 @ 10:50 AM
In my dreaming saw a crow entering my house.Can someone help me what the sign could be
Kumar - 21-Feb-19 @ 12:15 AM
hi so last night i was in my room asleep and my sis said a bird flew in and got hurt by the glass it failed on and my dog got it until it died from the glass and then put it on my little sis bed does this mean one of us will die?
ggjamesgg - 13-Jan-19 @ 11:30 PM
A bird flew inside my car today. Sat on dash board sat there i opened car door. It flew out unharmed. What does this mean
Sue - 7-Jan-19 @ 2:57 AM
hi ive had black bird fly in our house and it has twice now but wat dose that mean in saying i havemy kuznman ashes here with me atm but he was missing in forest and it has been bout 5-6 months since lost and plus the house im in my brother inlaw ex house were my other brother inlawpassed away wat dose this all mean is it them or wat im freaked out atm but i no im safe tho
vtec - 6-Jan-19 @ 7:20 AM
My Husband died 3 months ago and as i was staying with my Daughter for christmas and the new year for company.on new years eve a robin came in to her house through the door, it flew around and around and would not leave my daughter left the door open so it could get out. i hoped that it was my late Husband as he always loved birds and i loved robins, i hope this is true as he loved my Daughter as she was his step daughter, did he come in to tell us he was around minding us or is me just hoping.mag's.
mag's - 1-Jan-19 @ 9:34 PM
I had two small birds fly into our home this evening. Took some time to get them out but did so safely. Anyone have thoughts or comments?
Vinny - 9-Dec-18 @ 6:55 AM
A crow came down our chimney , it took a while for us to get it out , the next day we got news my dad had terminal stage 4 cancer .. It was devastating news.Only today a magpie came down the chimney .... Hopefully I will get good news not bad ????
Butterfly - 8-Dec-18 @ 4:24 PM
A bird was in my master bathroom today, flew into the hallway, up to the ceiling light. I went in my bedroom & shut the door. I stayed in my room about 20 minutes. I opened my room door, not knowing where the bird went. I shut all the room doors, remai ing un the hallway. I dont know where the bird went. A friend came over looked in the rooms & couldn't locate the bird. He said maybe it was a sign. I then googled this site. I keep having dreams of my husband dying. We've been seperated for 2-1/2 years.
Tabby63 - 17-Nov-18 @ 10:46 PM
Today a young Blue Bird flew into the Bedroom, he was not upset but stayed a while and left. Last time a Bird flew in like that it was a Blackbird and it sat on the Taps in the Kitchen, my Mother had died and Dad said that has Mum come back to say she is happy!I am very Spiritual and rather than Bad Luck I think Birds come to us to let us know family on the other side are happy.We do have 3 rather sick friends and family around at the moment but if it happens then I KNOW they will be Free.
Heyoka - 9-Nov-18 @ 3:39 PM
A magpie was trying to get in my house this morning I've had a stillborn baby on the 13 of October and the magpie started to sing I'm really anxious about this
Klaw - 30-Oct-18 @ 1:27 PM
Hi a little starling flew into my car on my way to work via a open window and sat there still too I opened the doors to let it out. I was shocked as I thought it had hit the car and flew away, can someone please tell me the meaning of this
Gladys - 26-Sep-18 @ 3:51 PM
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