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Do Birds Flying Into A Home Equate To Death?

By: Chris Welsh - Updated: 17 Oct 2017 | comments*Discuss
Do Birds Flying Into A Home Equate To Death?

Birds have long thought to be associated with otherworldly powers - not other planetary but other worldly, as in the spirit world. Their ability to fly far and high in ages gone by gave them a mystical quality that many looked to for signs and portents, and one of the most common 'bird omen wives tale' was that if a bird flew into your house through an opened door or window, death was not far behind.

The Bird Omen Wives Tale

In a home lies a sickly person, with family members standing vigil nearby. The health of the ill is in question and everyone is concerned that things could take a turn for the worse. A sudden rapping at the window of the sick room causes a start and those in the room turn to see a black crow sitting on the sill, tap, tap, tapping at the glass. Its insistence is unnerving - what does it want? Eventually the crow flies off, but not before leaving the concerned family members with a chilling superstition that their loved one is doomed to die.

The variations on this theme are many, but all fairly consistent; a bird tries or succeeds to get into a home, and this is considered a sign of imminent death. In some versions the bird strikes the window in flight (sometimes getting up and doing it again) or lands on the sill and strikes the window with its beak. Other versions have the bird enter the home through an open window or door. Should a bird get access to the interior of a home with no visible means of entry, the superstition is that it is equivocal to an intruder alarm tuned to sense death itself going off.

The Origin of the Bird Omen Wives Tale

There is no one source of the 'bird flying into house equals death' wives' tale, but it is a common enough superstition nonetheless. In days gone by people were prone to look for many superstitious or mystical answers to every day questions, and some questions that were not so run of the mill (such as “why must my loved one die?”). When something out of the ordinary happened people were quick to ascribe to it some mystical significance, whether or not there was a logical, natural explanation to it.

Any time a bird flies into a house it certainly is an unusual experience. Birds, being creatures of the outdoors and mainly shy of man to boot, do not typically try to get inside a dwelling. Some may get confused, thanks to an expertly cleaned glass window and give itself a braining on a house. Others may land on a handy window ledge and peck at its own reflection out of curiosity. As for a bird flying in through an open window, taking a break on a chair back, and then leaving, who knows? But it certainly is behaviour convenient to attach a sense of a message being delivered.

No Birds In My House!

The idea of birds being associated with death is very strong in some people, to the point that they won’t have decorations of birds in their home. One famous report has actress Lucile Ball tearing wallpaper out of a new home because she discovered little birds in the pattern that she didn’t notice before.

Carrying on with the bird theme why not take a look at our superstitious article about Saluting Magpies.

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@aggiemay - so sorry to hear this. Have birds ever flown into your house before? A magpie flew into my house, but nothing happened, thankfully.
USA - 17-Oct-17 @ 3:54 PM
2 birds flew into house 1 in kitchen 1 in lounge room about 4pm 28th July, husband died unexpectedly on 3rd August birds were not from the same species.I'm a believer now.
aggiemay - 17-Oct-17 @ 12:14 AM
I have just visited my cousin who's father was given a matter if weeks to live and he told me about something strange that happened Saturday just past 7/10/17. His dad is still mobile but fading,but when he called up to visit his dad, his dad was insisting there was a rat scratching in the wall , my cousin could also hear the noise. So to help put his dad at ease he moved furniture to get closer to the noise and broke a hole in the plaster board wall but could see nothing. He went to his dad's shed and got a jigsaw and made the opening much larger and what was at the bottom between the timber ! A bird. He then told me that his sister then said to him that this is a sign of death....he nor I have ever heard of this previous to this incident...freaky.
Donaldo - 11-Oct-17 @ 11:27 PM
@Andrea - Wow.... that's pretty amazing!
Shura - 9-Oct-17 @ 1:45 PM
A big brown bird flew inside my house with a nest in her hand yesterday and she turned around and flew outside again I felt blessed I was so impressed I need to know the meaning!ty
Andrea - 8-Oct-17 @ 7:37 PM
@Liesa Lake - I imagine it was pretty happy to be free. A bird flew into my house six months ago, a little sparrow. I let it out through the patio doors. Nothing has happened and no one has died.
Mandy66 - 3-Oct-17 @ 12:23 PM
September 29,2017 a bird flew in my front door after a few tries it went out the same door.Than on October 1,2017 a bird got trapped between my back screen door and main door.I don't know how it even got there.There is a small hole in my screen door.When I opened the door the bird flew into my kitchen.After several times it found its way out.Once it was outside the bird tweeted and tweeted.
Liesa Lake - 2-Oct-17 @ 6:25 PM
The day before yesterday a yellow and black bird flew in my house and was hanging Out on my Martha Washington plant, the next day my dog died.
GailNY - 24-Sep-17 @ 4:23 PM
So I come home today and open the doors and fall asleep .and I awake to wings flapping and a little brown bird is in my bed room
Stall - 10-Sep-17 @ 2:22 AM
I had a grey pigion fly into my house through an open door. What does this mean?
Dana - 30-Aug-17 @ 1:45 PM
A little bird flew across my daughter's kitchen when I walked in & no one was home
jp - 27-Aug-17 @ 3:02 AM
My daughters called me at work yesterday saying that a bird was in my bedroom.The only way it must've gotten in is from the fireplace.they opened the window and it eventually flew out.What does this mean?
Obie - 16-Aug-17 @ 1:31 PM
So I came home today to a black pigeon in my house what dose that mean?
Jodi - 15-Aug-17 @ 10:37 PM
@Suzy - perhaps it felt it was safe there. Or perhaps it wasn't quite well enough to fly off. I think it was more to do with practical reasons of the health of the bird than anything more sinister.
Jan - 3-Aug-17 @ 1:47 PM
Our maid brought in a black baby bird that had been sitting motionless for a long time near the threshold, thinking that she wasn't able to fly. But then we released the bird outside soon after that because we realized that nothing was wrong with her. Our door was left open. And instead of flying away, it flew into our house and sat near the window and flapped her little wings. And then we again released it outside and this time, it flew away. Why would it come back and sit near the window?
Suzy - 2-Aug-17 @ 3:53 PM
Hi. Had a thrush fly in through my front door, around the living room and back out an open window. I have ms, 13 yrs on doing well and my flat went on the market today. Just wondered....
Caz - 17-Jul-17 @ 10:13 PM
i have had a magpie enter my window and sit on my window sil and sings in the last two weektwo time this as happened early in the morningdoes this mean any thing
wilkin - 16-Jul-17 @ 2:06 PM
A magpie was found by sister in the kitchen. She wait for her daugther catch the magpie and take the magpie outside in the garden
Carmen - 11-Jul-17 @ 7:44 PM
@Rob - it looks as though they have found a way of getting in . Could there be a nest in your eaves?
Jax - 7-Jul-17 @ 2:19 PM
A small brown bird entered my mom's house as the door just got opened ...and managed to chase it out ... what does it mean????
Fran - 7-Jul-17 @ 3:35 AM
A bird flew into my Moms boyfriends place, it was walking on the couch, I don't know if it flew away but what does that mean? Is anything going to happen?
Raven - 6-Jul-17 @ 12:25 AM
A brown Bird was flying in my house last night but no Window was up... so what that mean......
Red - 5-Jul-17 @ 5:56 PM
For the past six months, Ive had 8 birds fly into the home. I end up chasing them from room to room to try to get them out. Only after an hour or so am I able to catch them or chase them out. I was wondering if there was any special meaning to this? As it keeps happening over and over again.
Rob - 30-Jun-17 @ 9:06 PM
@laur - was your window open? It's obviously found its way in without knowing.
Missy - 20-Jun-17 @ 11:01 AM
I got woken up to a bird behind my curtains that came from out side what does that mean ?
laur - 17-Jun-17 @ 6:26 AM
A pair of brown doves made their nest on an unused flowerpot in our balcony about 2 months ago and then they made an egg. We didn't disturb them at all, so they were flying in and out of balcony. Two chicks came out the eggs and now they are mature enough to fly. But lately two doves(not sure if they're the same pair) come inside my room every day whenever iforget to close the window. They fly away when i shoo them ofcourse but they keep coming. Why are they so determined? (Btw my middle name means dove- which was my late granny's name) thanx in advance
Mira - 8-Jun-17 @ 10:08 AM
My mom died on 15 May.The day before a blackbird crashed into the window right next to her favorite recliner.I cannot explain it other than it happened exactly that way.
Brad - 30-May-17 @ 11:59 PM
@Indra - let the bird make its nest and have its chicks. It has found a nice home and you should be pleased :)
Hattv - 26-May-17 @ 2:23 PM
My home entrance bird make nest. And I think its going to make egg. people saying birds coming good . what your comment this matter.
Indra - 26-May-17 @ 1:57 PM
I live in Atlanta ,Georgia and a baby brown thrasher flew in my window I want to no do anyone no what that mean thanks
shay - 16-May-17 @ 3:50 PM
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